"Longform" Style Talks

My preferred style of talk requires a large amount of research, writing, and refinement.  A narrative arc, similar to what is found in "longform" journalism, is essential. This results in an immersive experience, one in which a story or topic is intertwined with the core content and connections build in unexpected ways.

I am more interested in causing thought and consideration than convincing an audience of a particular point; through engaging the audience with story, they see topics from new angles. These stories range from ranging from naval warfare of the 1800s to the rising issue of space debris to global pandemics(!) to the artistic stylings of Sting and The Police.

Each talk can be calibrated to the needs of the audience, whether they be technical, academic, or "normal."

Speaking Highlights

Here are a number of my recent favorites (many of these are summarized at a high level in the articles section):

  • I am Spartacus! Ensuring Privacy through Obfuscation (DefCon, BlackHat, Crypto and Privacy Village)
  • Trust in Numbers: An Ethical (And Practical) Standard for Identity-Driven Algorithms
  • The Bernoulli Principle: Epidemiological Models for Identity
  • Every Breath You Take: Sting,The Police, and Identity
  • Houston, We Have a Problem: Space Junk, Personal Data, and Privacy
  • Admiral Nelson, Identity, and the Internet of Things

Speaking Requests

If you'd like me to speak at your event, get in touch via the contact page.